Greetings from sunny island of Bali!


My name is Stella, I moved to Bali couple of years ago and now I call this place home. I love surfing, blogging, exploring unbeaten paths of Bali.


About me:

stella / baliblogger

Hello, my name is Stella. I am a surfer, blogger, photographer, and founder of BaliBlogger. I moved to Bali a couple of years ago and I consider Bali my new home.

In 2011, I started a Russian blog about Bali BaliBlogger.ru and it grew in popularity making it #1 blog among other Russian blogs about Bali. It was always my desire to have an English version of my blog so more people can enjoy it.

But due to my busy schedule (yeah, people do get busy in Bali ;) running other blogs and other projects (i.e. my all natural SURF ZINC) it took me a while to start blogging in English as well. So if you can read in Russian better go to my original BaliBlogger, but I am working on adding more interesting stuff for english blog as well!

This year I launched a youtube-channel about Bali, you can subscribe and watch it here.

What else about me? I live in Bukit, surf Balangan and Uluwatu, enjoy local food and travel as much as possible when I am not spending most of my day online doing my blogs and social media projects.


Follow my Bali life in social media:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/baliblogger.info
Instagram: https://instagram.com/baliblogger
Youtube: https://youtube.com/balibloggerinfo
Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/aquafeel


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