Bali most beautiful waterfalls.

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Central Bali with it’s amazing tropical landscapes is home to some of the most scerene waterfalls. Big and small, they are all beautiful in it’s own way unique. You don’t need to visit all the waterfalls, but include at least one on your list of things to do in Bali.

To make your decision easier to which waterfall to visit, here are some of the most outstanding amazing waterfalls in Bali, worth visiting. Some of the waterfalls mentioned below are rarely visited by tourists and tour guides typically don’t like to go here. If you are an adventurous type, you would definitely enjoy exploring Bali and discover hidden places for yourself.

Few things to know about Bali waterfalls:

  • In dry season there is obviously less water, but most of them will still have plenty of water to work very well (learn about Bali seasons here)
  • To get to most waterfalls in Bali will require a 15-20 minutes of light hiking.
  • Take a swim suit with you, most of the waterfalls offer an opportunity to get wet ;)
  • The best time to visit waterfalls is usually lunch time. The water is cool and very refreshing. Your hike through rain forests will hide you from the sun. A great time to avoid Bali’s midday heat!
  • If you are lost on your way to the waterfall, use local word ‘air terjun’ (pronounced as ‘ah-eer-ter-joon’) because in remote areas locals don’t know the word ‘waterfall’ ;)

Aling-Aling waterfall

Aling Aling

This waterfall is called a twin-waterfall and you can easily guess why when you look at it. There is a small lagoon you can swim in and even jump from a cliff. Aling-Aling is one of the tallest waterfalls in Bali, and green scenery makes it really beautiful. There are several waterfalls around this area, I mentioned few other ones in the end of this article.

Location: north of Bali, close to Singaraja & Lovina; look for this waterfall in Sambangan village | map



Gitgit waterfall is the most famous in Bali. This waterfall is the most visited by tourists during day trips around Bali. Tour guides love this waterfall. Though the most beautiful, it attracts tourist crowds and there are other waterfalls that are more interesting to see.

Location: central Bali, between Bedugul & Singaraja; Gitgit village | map


This one is very close to Gitgit waterfall but most tourists are unaware and only locals usually visit this waterfall. It’s very different from most waterfalls in Bali, meaning not high, but it’s beautiful in its own way.

Location: central Bali, between Bedugul & Singaraja, close to GitGit waterfall | map

Jembong waterfall - Bali


Sekumpul waterfall is also well known amongst waterfalls in Bali ;) It’s definitely one of the waterfalls that most people fall in love with at first sight. It’s very high and to get to it requires a beautiful hike. This waterfall is sometimes also called Gerombong.

Location: central Bali, 25 km up north-east from Bedugul; located in Sekumpul village | map

Sekumpul waterfall - Bali


Sekumpul isn’t the only waterfall in that area. So if you’re into waterfalls, go and see Lemukih waterfall. It’s less known as Sekumpul, but is almost as big. If you stay in that area longer you can find a local guide to do trekking from one waterfall to another. When there’s enough water in the lagoon, you can take a swim.

Location: central Bali, close to Sekumpul waterfall; located in Lemukih village | map

Lemukih waterfall - Bali

Nung Nung

Five hundred stairs down will get you to one of the tallest and heaviest waterfalls in Bali. There is so much water coming down that it’s extremely loud. The best time for this waterfall is lunch time, you might catch the sun playing in the waterfall and showing you rainbows.

Location: one hour to the north-west of Ubud; located in Plaga village | map

Nung-Nung waterfall - Bali


This waterfall looks a bit different than Sekumpul, Nung-Nung, or Aling-Aling. It’s not that tall but it’s bigger and wider. It has a really nice view, where you can see the waterfall in the green scenery. The best time for this waterfall is afternoon, when sunlight peaks through to brighten the area. You can jump into this waterfall from the cliff (if lagoon has water deep enough).

Location: eastern part of Bali, just one hour away from Kuta and very close to Sanur | map

Tegenungan waterfall - Bali

Yeh Mempeh

This waterfall used to be my favorite. Its so far away from tourist crowds, so you barely see anyone there. I love the hiking to this waterfall too.

Location: north-east coast of Bali; located in Les village Бали | map

Yeh-mempeh waterfall - Bali


This waterfall is usually called a coffee-scented waterfall. It is settled in the coffee plantations area, so some people say you can smell a light coffee smell when you hiking down to the waterfall. This waterfall isn’t very crowded usually, so it’s a great romantic spot!

Location: central part of Bali, more towards West; located in the Pujungan village | map

Blemantung- waterfall - Bali


This waterfall isn’t the tallest, or biggest, but worth visiting for the fact that you can swim in it’s large blue lagoons and provides natural slides! This waterfall is not far from Aling-Aling.

Location: close to Aling-Aling waterfall, Sambangan village  | maps

Kroya waterfall - Bali



Other waterfalls – almost not known & often uncrowded

Munduk waterfall - Bali

Munduk waterfall (Location: Munduk village / Buleleng district)

Juwuk-manis waterfall - Bali

Juwuk Manis waterfall (Location: Manggissari, Pekutatan)

Bertingat waterfall (close to GitGit waterfall)

Bertingat waterfall (close to GitGit watefall)

Kembar waterfall - Bali

Kembar waterfall (close to Gitgit waterfall)

Colek-Pamor waterfall - Bali

Colek Pamor waterfall (also close to Gitgit)

Banyumala waterfall - Bali

Banyumala waterfall (Location: Wanagiri, Buleleng district)

Puncak waterfall - Bali

Puncak waterfall (Location: Ambengan, Buleleng)

Dusun-Kuning waterfall - Bali

Dusun Kuning waterfall (not far from Bangli town)

Sing-sing waterfall - Bali

Sing-sing waterfall – Bali (Location: Temukus, Buleleng)


Bali waterfalls on Foursquare

I created a list with most famous waterfalls on  foursquare.


Thanks to Eduard Patrik for all the photos from the waterfalls!


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    I was able to go to all of those but 3 on my trip to Bali. They were amazing.

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    I have visit three waterfalls and they where beautiful! I found the Tegenungan waterfall the most beautiful.

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    What waterfall would you recomend to visit when we come to Bali in April with 3 kids at the age 5, 9 and 12 years?

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      I would suggest Aling Aling

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