Batur Hot Springs and the best fish restaurant in Kintamani

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Batur Volcano & Kintamani area are definitely one the top list of places to visit in Bali and most of Bali guides will be glad to bring you to famous view point where you can enjoy volcano view. And in this post I want to share with you few more things you can enjoy in this area. Especially if you are exploring Bali on your own or have a flexible schedule.

Batur hot springs

Bali has a numerous amount of different hot springs (i.e. Banjar Hot Springs) and Holy Springs (i.e. Tirta Empul), but those things are more traditions. Hot Springs in Toya Bungkah village in Kintamani are something on the modern side. They are actually natural hot springs inside resorts where you can come and enjoy your time for an admission fee. Those places get more and more touristic every year and admission fee is not cheap for local standards (150,000 IDR) but there is one big reason to go there: view!

Main swimming pool is build right at the volcanic lake inside the caldera of an old volcano. So basically you are soaking in your hot water swimming pool and enjoying amazing vew – Batur volcano is just in front of you.

There are 2 resorts in the area, the newer (and bigger one) is Toya Devasya and and slightly older one is Batur Hot Springs. They are located just next to each other, but to get to Toya Devasya you have to drive few more minutes further past the first one. Watch video to see more of these hot springs!

Tip! The best time to visit Batur hot springs is early morning: you will be enjoying the whole resort almost to yourself. Afternoon get very busy.

Another tip is to avoid eating in the restaurants in those resorts: overpriced and not very good food. And there is an awesome local fish restaurant next to the Hot Springs that is much a better choice for our lunch or dinner.

find on google map:  | GPS: -8.2503693,115.3979257,17

Apung Floating Resto

This local restaurant is a real hidden gem!

Because normally it’s hard to find a decent place to have lunch in Kintamani. This area has lots of restaurants with amazing view, but food there is highly overpriced and is such a low quality so after trying it you don’t want to try local food anymore. Which is really sad ;(

But Apung Resto is just amazing. It serves grilled fish and spicy fish soup, plus few other local dishes. Prices are around 30,000-50,000 for a dish.

The restaurant is located very close to Batur Hot Spring, just 10 min drive around the lake Batur. So basically you get same amazing view on volcanic lake and volcanic area. Plus it’s a floating resto, so you will be sitting in small cabins floating on the lake.

Don’t expect anything fancy from this restaurant. It’s simple yet cozy. And grilled dish is really delicious. Fish soup is great too but very spicy! Order some local veggies (i.e kangung or cap cay to enjoy your grilled fish). Watch video to see more of this restaurant.

find on google map:  | GPS: -8.2810163,115.3851182,17


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Kintamani area map:

Bali Kintamani Map

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  1. Chris Waters / March 14, 2017 at 12:51 pm / Reply

    Hey I’ve been here and ate on that floating restaurant, I didn’t visit the water spring but I visited Trunyan. Which you didn’t mention it on this article. It is a village where dead bodies aren’t buried. People just out the dead bodies under the Trunyan Tree to neutralize the scent of the tree that spreads too much fragrance. When I was there, luckily I saw a fresh dead bodies just 8 days old.

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