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Why airbnb? Why exactly these accommodations?

The first question is easily answered: these spots can’t be always booked through popular Agoda and sites and you can only book them online via airbnb. Also what I love about airbnb particularly in Bali, that it offers a truly good choice of accommodation for different price levels. And no, airbnb guys didn’t ask me to write this article. ;-) But when my own friends ask me what is the best way to book accommodation in Bali I always tell them to first go check airbnb. Another good thing about this service that you can be sure it’s not a scam. The owner doesn’t get hold on your money until you arrive in the accommodation. I used to rent out my own place through airbnb before and I think I didn’t get my money for couple of days since my tenants moved in. Accommodation scams in Bali is something that is rare but does happen from time to time.

As for the second question why I choose these specific accommodations: again no one paid or asked me to write about them. (In this modern world everyone get suspicious that all bloggers only recommend things they get paid for lol). Over the course of the past 5+ years I am living in Bali every time I would stumble upon something good in airbnb I would save it for myself, so in case my friends ask me for recommendations, I would just give them the link. So basically I decided to share some of those places in here. Those are the places where I would love to live myself! They are somehow unique, they have stunning view or are cozy or hip or artsy. They are places that you would gladly call home away from home. I hope you like my selection!

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Deeksha Beach Surf House

deksha warung beach front surf house in Bingin

Your own house with an ocean view. Sitting right at the cliff. You climb down dozen of steps and you find yourself at beautiful beach and amazing surf spot. Do I need to continue? This place is a place where I would spend the rest of my life. It’s very cozy place and I can already imagine myself swinging in that hammock and watching surfers catching waves. Some people who stayed there complained about the internet quality or about the stairs you can actually to climb to get to the main road. But who cares when you get a view like that?

Location: Bingin beach / Bukit

Accommodation type: private house       |     Price: 150-180$

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available


Jeda Villa

Jeda Villa in North of Bali
This stunning contemporary villa is located in the north-west of Bali in the Pemuteran village. This place is so far from Bali tourist crowds that the nature around is still quite pristine and untouched. It’s the most secluded place you can think of. I guess if I was looking for a place for romantic getaway or authentic honeymoon in Bali I would choose this spot for sure.
Location: Pemuteran / North-West of Bali

Accommodation type: villa / room in a villa       |     Price: 160$+

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available


Beach pad in Manggis

beach house mangis in Bali

Beach pad in the east coast of Bali, near Candidasa. Private house just few steps from the ocean. That is the place where you gonna wake and hear waves break not far. Romantic cozy bamboo hut for a perfect getaway and relaxed vacations. Candidasa is a mellow tourist village that has few restaurants and cafe.
Location: Manggis / East of Bali

Accommodation type: private house       |     Price: 70$

Breakfast: not included         |      Free wifi available


Barn N Bunk Bungalows

Barn N Bunk - Surf stay in Keramas beach

Do you see this little bungalow in the middle of rice paddies? That is exactly where you gonna stay! Nicely decorated rooms with large windows that give you lots of light. Check out other pictures and you will fall in love with this bungalows. Located at Keramas beach and surf spot. Very hip and cozy place to stay. Especially if you are a surfer you will love it!

Location: Keramas beach / East coast

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 85$

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available or via / Agoda


Balian beach house

balian dacha

Back there where I am from almost every family own a summer house. Something rustic, something down-to-earth and simple. And with a garden. So this particular place somehow reminds me of a summer house I would once make for myself. It’s a perfect getaway spot to go with your friends or family for a week-end and enjoy nature and good company. In the case of this place you can enjoy good surfing as well. Walking distance to a beach with both left and right hander waves. It’s far away from Kuta & Seminyak – true getaway. But don’t worry it’s not in the middle of the jungle and there are plenty good quality dining options in the small village.

Location: Balian beach / West part of Bali

Accommodation type: private house       |     Price: 100$+

Breakfast: not included         |      Free wifi available


Kubu Carik

Kubu Carik Bungalows in Karangsem / East Bali

This place is an absolute gem an a real Bali getaway. I stayed there myself and I can absolutely recommend it. (You can read my review here) It is located in a very green and scenic part of Bali – in area called Karangasem and almost at the food of Volcano Agung. It’s one of the quietest places I have ever stayed. You hear no other noise but nature. This property has two rustic bungalows surrounded by enormously large tropical garden that sits at the hills. It’s very secluded and romantic place.

Location: Karangasem / East part of Bali

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 45$

Breakfast: included or via Agoda


Beach Hut in Lembongan island

beach hut lembongan

Stay in the hut right at the beach in Lembongan island. In Bali there are not many options to stay just few steps from the beach without climbing down the hill ;-) But in this little cozy hut in Lembongan you can see ocean right from your terrace. Did you know that surf is good in Lembongan? Check it out!

Location: Lembongan island

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 80$
Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available


Joglo house in Dalung

Old javanese joglo in Canggu

Can you imagine yourself staying in an 150 year-old, nobleman’s all teakwood, Javanese joglo type house? Don’t worry these 1 bedroom wooden bungalows are renovated and restored. I love how it is decorated, it’s definitely something unique! Located in the outskirts of Canggu in a very peaceful and scenic area in a balinese village. A certain getaway that is close to all the touristy and busy Canggu with it’s hip cafes and modern restaurants.

Location: Dalung / Canggu outskirts

Accommodation type: bungalow       |     Price: 60$

Breakfast: not included         |      Free wifi available


Antique Teak Barn

Antique Teak House in Ubud

A perfect wooden shed in the middle of rice paddies in Ubud. It’s an old carved teak rice barn that was restored and is being decorated very funky. Your neighbors: ducks, rice farmers, and an exotic collection of local artists. If you are artistic type you will definitely love this place! And all tough it might look like this place is  somewhere in the middle of nowhere it’s actually located very close to restaurants and yoga / spa places of Ubud.

Location: Ubud

Accommodation type: private house       |     Price: 60$

Breakfast: not included


Hilltop house in Greenbowl

Hilltop house in Greenbowl beach / Bali

Breezy hill top house that offers private rooms with amazing view on Bukit and ocean in far away. Located in a quiet part of Bukit not far from such beaches like Greenbowl, Melasti, Pandawa. If you come in wet season you can surf there. For the dry season this place is a quick drive from many other surf spots of Bukit. It’s not exactly a beach accommodation since you will require a scooter or a car to get around but you will be staying in a beautiful spacious room on the hill enjoying the greenery, fresh air and space around you. Owners are very nice people!

Location: Greenbowl beach / Bukit

Accommodation type: private room       |     Price: 50$

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available


Tegalalang wooden bungalow

Tegalallang wooden bungalow - Ubud, Bali

This wooden bungalow is located in the North of Ubud. You will be surrounded by jungle in this authentic place. Very simple and down-to-earth yet very cozy accommodation. This is a place to enjoy nature, discover real balinese village life and relax.

Location: Tegalalang / Ubud

Accommodation type: private room       |     Price: 35$

Breakfast: not included         |      Free wifi available


Milo’s home

Milos home bungalows in Bali

If your way to spend a holiday in Bali is staying in a wooden bungalow with grass roof and enjoying something that could be truly called tropical living, than you should look into this place. These bungalows are nested in a lush tropical garden and from the pool (shared) you will see the ocean. Bungalows sit on the hill, close to Balangan beach. (But not exactly on the beach, since it’s quite rare for south of Bali to have accommodation right at the beach). They have different type of bungalows, also bigger ones, for family or group of friends. Milo’s home has good reviews both on airbnb and in internet.

Location: Balangan beach / Bukit

Accommodation type: bungalow       |     Price: 85-100$

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available

https://www.airbnbcom/rooms/2666768 or via


Bedugul nature retreat

Bedugul nature retreat

This place is not your another tropical house in Bali. It reminds me more of nature cabins somewhere in the woods. So no surf spots or ocean around, but lots of nature, fresh mountain air and trekking. This retreat located in Bali highlands (more than 1100 meters above sea level!) of Bedugul. Jungle tracks start just at your door step. There is a golf course nearby too.

Location: Bedugul / Central part of Bali

Accommodation type: private house       |     Price: 140$

Breakfast: not included         |      No internet


Eat Sleep Skate

Eat Sleep Skate in Sanur

You would not believe it, but this place has its own skate park! That makes it really unique. Apart from that it’s a beautiful property (go check out other images) with a pool and nice ‘joglo’ style bungalows with shared swimming pool. Rooms are spacious and nicely decorated.

Location: Sanur

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 50$

Breakfast: not included         |      Free wifi available or via


Bamboo Eco House

Eco Bamboo House in Volcano Agung
This property is made out of Bamboo and everything eco-friendly. The are no doors in the house but you are staying in the jungle anyways. Super private place for people who enjoy nature and solitude. Check out more photos from this place, the property definitely has some soul! Gets booked out pretty quickly.
Location: Selat / East of Bali

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 120$

Breakfast: not included


Kemulan B&B

Kumulan Amed B&B

This very simple accommodation in Amed offers spectacular views on the ocean. It sits on the hill so you will be able to enjoy beautiful colors of sunrise. (Amed is located on the east cost, so the sun gonna rise just in front of you). Just down the hill you can get to a swimming and snorkelling spots of Amed. This coastline is famous with its black sand beaches and colorful fisherman boats parked along the beach.

Location: Selang beach / Amed

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 50$

Breakfast: included         |      Free wifi available or via



Eco resort Wanagiri

Eco Wanagiri Villas Bali

This one will be definitely a unique place to stay! Imagine an old abandoned resort, that once used to be luxury, converted into Eco villas. Super scenic and rural area, 1300 m above sea level. So this place still has some abandoned rustic look and is very secluded and quiet. What do you think are there any ghosts there? ;-)


Location: Munduk / Central part of Bali

Accommodation type: private bungalow       |     Price: 45$

Breakfast: included

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