Road trip to National park in North-West of Bali

 •  February 25

We went for a road trip to explore north west of Bali. Most of the tourists that come to Bali or even expats living here for years don’t really know...

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2017 New Year’s Eve party in Bali

 •  December 19

You are in Bali during New Year holidays and you are asking yourself what should you do at New Year’s Eve? Let me share with you what people...

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Aling Aling Waterfall [BALI VLOG]

 •  October 20

Let’s explore one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Bali! Check out this vlog about my trip to Aling Aling Waterfall and few other waterfalls that...

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Uluwatu – one of the most amazing places in Bali.

 •  September 12

Welcome to Uluwatu – my favorite surf spot in Bukit and to one of the most scenic places in Bali. Check out my newest video on BaliBlogger youtube...

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Batur Hot Springs and the best fish restaurant in Kintamani

 •  September 2

Batur Volcano & Kintamani area are definitely one the top list of places to visit in Bali and most of Bali guides will be glad to bring you to famous...

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Best airbnb deals for home away from home in Bali!

 •  July 20

Why airbnb? Why exactly these accommodations? The first question is easily answered: these spots can’t be always booked through popular Agoda and...

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Holistic healing in Tirta Usada

 •  May 31

Southeast Asia is known for cheap massages widely available.  In Bali, the average cost from a local massage is about $5.  When I first moved to...

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Scooter rental tips

 •  May 4

If you are considering renting a scooter in Bali, please watch this video! I am sharing some information how to rent scooter: rental prices, safety...

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Indonesia’s domestic flights & discounter airlines in South-East Asia

 •  April 28

Whenever you are trying to get around Indonesia flying from Bali to some other islands you will most probably have to use local airlines. When I was...

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