Where to eat in the Bukit area.

Food guide for Southern Peninsula of Bali: areas of Jimbaran, Balangan, Padang-Padang and Uluwatu.
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The southern peninsula of Bali called Bukit. Starts from Jimbaran, covers areas like Balangan, Dreamland, Ungasan, Pecatu, Padang-Padang, Uluwatu, and everything in between, is not always considered a paradise for food lovers. But if you look hard enough, you find a lot of hidden gems worth trying. If you are asking yourself where to eat in Bukit, I am glad to recommend you good cafes and restaurants in this area.

My favorite cafe and restaurants are marked with ★! Check them out first!

Favorite breakfast spots

★ Ayu snacks

modern balinese, healthy food, nice vibe | Dreamland & Pecatu

Owned by modern Balinese couple who are so sweet that it makes it feel like home. They do really decent western food. They have a decent breakfast menu not just with eggs, but also yogurt and granola. My favorite dish is the big breakfast for 60,000 rupiah. It’s really big! Everything is made fresh, with a lot of love. They serve latte and cappuccino, decent coffee for good price! Ayu’s snack is probably my number #1 choice for breakfast in Bukit. http://4sq.com/UBDU5S

Ayu's sweets & snacks | Bukit

Jiwa Juice

breakfast sets at good price, sandwiches | Bingin & Padang-Padang

Popular breakfast spot near Bingin. They have a bunch of breakfast sets that include coffee/tea/juice for a reasonable price. They offer cappuccino and lattes as well which is ok. Jiwa Juice also has a selection of sandwiches (go for hungry bird at chiabatta bread) that I personally love very much. They have indoor & outdoor seating, a very mellow and relaxing atmosphere. Wifi is available. Set breakfast cost around 45-55,000 rupiah. They also serve for lunch and dinner! http://4sq.com/m6hzhs

★ Land’s end cafe

cozy small spot with vegetarian menu | Uluwatu | map | instagram

Little cozy spot not far from Uluwatu. True hidden gem because it’s not easy to find and you might pass it couple of times before you notice it. Awesome choice of healthy breakfast options: healthy wraps, granola, muesli bowls etc.


Other breakfast spots: Bukit cafe, Nalu bowls at Single Fin, Bread Basket, La Pasion cafe in Balangan


Modern and stylish food spots

★ Bukit cafe

modern yet cozy spot, semi-expensive | Padang Padang | mapfacebook

Bukit cafe is a bit on pricier side compare to the other places mentioned so far. But it’s totally worth it. Great food and awesome menu. They call themselves Australian Bohemian Contemporary Restaurant Bistro. And by the way it’s not only a breakfast spot but also awesome place for lunch and dinner. Healthy food options, great chef. One of the best spots in Bukit.

★ La passion cafe

mexican fusion menu and very stylish place | map | instagram

Again a true hidden gem of Bukit. This place is located on the road that goes to Balangan beach. Since it’s far from the main road not many people know about it, but it’s a place that is absolutely worth visiting – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s stylishly decorated, and has awesome things in the menu. My favorite is mexican style breakfast (45k). Yum!

Grocer & Grind

modern, somewhat fancy, expensive | Jimbaran

If you are looking for a breakfast, or brunch restaurant that offer western style food and you are not on a budget, then consider Grocer & Grind. This restaurant has a good choice of breakfast meals including salmon, which is rare for Bukit. Meals cost around 60-80,000 rupiah, coffee is good and is another 35,000 rupiah. http://4sq.com/pZSwzR


Coffee spots & Sweet tooth

I love bread and pastries. I miss good quality bread in the Bukit and there is not a big selection of cafes that fulfill my needs. Regardless, there are still few spots I would recommend.


★ Secret Spot

small cozy cafe with homemade cakes and frozen yogurt ice cream | Balangan Ungasan area

Hidden gem of Bukit where you can treat your sweat tooth with yummy frozen yogurt & homemade cakes that are either raw or vegan. I am not a vegan myself but I loved everything i tried! They have coffee and high quality teas, and they also have porridge for breakfast. So people of Bukit don’t miss this sweet & cozy cafe just in front of Nirmala Ungasan (intersection of Jalan Raya Uluwatu & Jalan Pantai Balangan). Coffee is 27k, cakes are 22-30k. http://4sq.com/1W0T0x4


best coffee, relaxed atmosphere, awesome hipsterish interior design | Balangan

This coffee spot is owned by local guys, with a modern look making it cozy and nicely decorated. Very unique look and you will probably love it the first moment you enter. Kafein is a nice place to come and chill with your cup of coffee and laptop. Their coffee is excellent, and also offer ice coffee too! Staff is super friendly. Food choice is a bit limited,but good. I just wish they offered pastries and more variety of meals to choose from. Food is not their thing unfortunately, but if you are just looking for a cup of coffee, choose Kafein! Wifi available. Dog friendly. Outdoor seating. | http://4sq.com/18qPGln

Kafein | Balangan

★ Gaya Gelato

ice cream parlor | Jimabaran | map

Perfect italian homemade ice cream. No comments. It’s heavenly. And they have a choice of amazing tastes!

Moka cafe

shop with great fresh pastries and bread | Balangan area

This actually used to be my favorite spot for breakfast when I just moved to Bali (I need my croissants & latte in the morning) until they raised prices. Their coffee is overpriced for it’s quality 35,000 rupiah (they charge tax+service %). And service is horrible. But I still go there from time to time because their pastries and breadz are still one of the freshest in Bukit, I often stop by and get few from their shop. Go before noon, or the bread shelves will be empty. My favorite almond croissant is around 25,000 rupiah. http://4sq.com/bwDbcw


Go local – Go cheap!

I often eat local food. I love it. I never get scared from those little local spots aka “hole in the wall” serving food in plastic bowls on plastic tables. Bukit in terms of local food is unfortunately often overpriced and not always yummy. So you have to choose carefully! Here are few locals warungs that serve delicious food.

Stop Makan / Makan Yuk / Campur Campur

Quick bite, cheap, clean, good choice | Jimbaran

Most of the people who go there don’t even know the real name of the place. Official name is CampurCampur, but we all call this place Stop Makan or Makan Yuk because of the big red sign on the side of the road. This cafe is located on the main road of Jalan Raya Uluwatu close to Puri Gading village and just next to Circle K and Guardian drug store. This place is owned by Balinese family who could bring “warung” business to a new level. It’s always clean, service is fast and have great choices of dishes. Plus they promise not to use cheap oil for cooking, or MSG. This cafe is a ‘nasi campur’ type of place where food is precooked. You go there, get your giant plate with rice, and choose from the counter what you want to be added to your rice. Great for quick meals because everything is precooked, always fresh. It can get crowded at times which is a good sign of good food. You can choose from white rice, brown rice, coconut rice and yellow rice. Don’t forget to add sambal, (chili paste) or sambal matah (shallots with chilli). Average meal for me cost there around 20-25,000 rupiah for meal with veggies only and around 25-30,000 with meat. http://4sq.com/sqYwIo

Makan Yuk | Campur-Campur

★ Balangan cafe

cheap but very cozy, good food from all around the world | Balangan

This hidden gem close to big Nirmala supermarket has become my favorite recently. It’s not particularly local, but it has really good prices especially for the kind of dishes they cook. Their menu is vast (and sometimes confusing), but they cook decent food. My favorites: falafel sandwiches, chicken in pita bread, tuna salad (with grilled tuna chunks!) and various types of Chinese dishes, fish & chips. Most of the dishes cost 25-35K. How to find this place: from the Nirmala turn towards Balangan beach and this cafe will be on the right side just in 200 meters. http://4sq.com/1pXHVkX

Babi Guling

truly balinese, for meat lovers | Everywhere

If you love meat and especially pork, you should try Babi Guling which is signature dish in balinese cuisine. One of the few balinese dishes you can actually try in the restaurant. Babi Guling means roasted pork stuffed with balinese herbs & spices. They don’t serve it in any restaurant except for places specialized in babi guling only. Those places usually have babi guling sign on the side of the road. I usually get my babi guling plate from little warung in Pecatu area. There are several spots throughout the Bukit as well. A portion of rice with babi guling will cost you around 20,000-25,000 rupiah.

Warung Bunana | Roti Canai

Mix of indonesian-indian-malay, very cheap | Jimbaran

Not sure if this place can be really considered local since they serve malay-indian food. It’s super cheap and it’s worth mentioning it. Go for roti canai which is a special pie, or flatbread with fillings. My favorite is egg-cheese for savory and apple-cinnamon for sweet. They serve savory roti with spicy curry sauce that is delicious. Price is around 15-20,000 rupiah. This warung is also famous for malay drink ‘teh tarik‘ which stands for sweet tea with condensed milk. 7,000 rupiah a glass. http://4sq.com/150mu47

Some other cheap food spots in Bukit: Warung Made, Sunset Warung.

Fancy dining

Once in a while we all want to splurge and go eat something fancy. If this never happens to you just skip this part of the Bukit food guide ;)


fancy, stylish, expensive but delicious | Jimbaran

If I want to have a fancy lunch in Bukit I would go to Balique restaurant in Jimbaran. It is really nicely decorated place with fancy eclectic style and extremely delicious and beautifully served food. Menu is French-Mediterranean-and-slightly-Asian-twist. You can come for dinner here too, but for me it’s more like a lunch date place. Everything is good and desserts are extremely good. Average bill will be easily over 120,000 rupiah. http://4sq.com/rKkF8p

Balique | Jimbaran

El Kabron

fancy beach club on the cliff, great for sunsets | Dreamland

Got a romantic date, or a reason to celebrate? Then you should try El Kabron at sunset. While overlooking the ocean from a cliff you can enjoy your cocktail, or fancy Spanish cuisine meal. This restaurant has a great view and you get charged you for that. ;) So be ready to splurge! But it’s totally worth it. They are open all day, so people come there to hang out at the pool. http://4sq.com/oBuoFZ


Fancy lounge restaurant by the beach | Jimbaran

A fancy and expensive place is lounge restaurant Sundara at Four Seasons. Great for sunsets and cocktails. Great food. Be ready to spend. Cocktails around 150-250,000 rupiah. http://4sq.com/9vKsTN


Best burger in Bukit

★ Pit Stop

Affordable, great quality food | Dreamland

Pit stop is one of the most popular food joints in Bukit. Service is excellent, food is great, prices are beyond great. Go for Rosemary Lamb burger (35,000 rupiah) or Veggie Burger (just 25,000 rupiah). Enchilladas, wraps and other stuff is good. Fast service. Pit Stop is open till late night, almost 24/7. http://4sq.com/1h3Q0N


Healthy options / Vegetarian spots

Ok, you are one of those healthy food / raw / vegan freaks? Poor you, should be in Ubud and not in Bukit. Joking ;) Yes, no one considers Bukit as an area with great choice of healthy, or vegan food. There are few spots here, and they are great. I am neither vegan, or raw, but I love to go to some of these cafes for some fresh veggies and healthy meals.

Cashew Tree cafe

healthy food, smoothies | Bingin

Tucked away somewhere in Bukit, it’s a nice garden cafe that mostly serves vegetarian food, but they have meat dishes as well. Breakfast cereal bowls, healthy wraps, smoothies and other stuff that will satisfy a healthy, but hungry freak inside of you ;) http://4sq.com/ZuPNJo


Om Burger | Padang-Padang, Bali

Om Burger

Fancy & healthy burgers | Padang-Padang

Fancy & healthy burgers (including the ones with gluten-free bun) in a simple colorful cafe. Very delicious.Prices a bit above average. http://4sq.com/1pmxW8q


Few more places where you can get yummy vegetarian dishes: Land’s end cafe in Uluwatu, Pitstop (veggie burger & vegetable enchlada), Balangan cafe (falafel sandwich), Moka cafe (slightly overpriced but giant delicious veggie burger).


Authentic Italian pizza

There were times in Bali when decent pizza was a dream. The Italian community in Bali grew so big that real Italian restaurants started to pop up here and there. Glad that there are Italians in Bukit too. There are two places where I go most often to get my hot and cheesy pizza slices.

Casa Asia | Bukit, Bali

★ CasAsia

owned by Italians, great pizza place | Ungasan

For me and my friends, CasAsia is a first choice. This place grew from a homestay with cafe. Their primary focused was on homestay guests, but now everyone who lives nearby goes there. Thes make pizzas only for dinner, (after 6pm) but they are open for breakfast/lunch too (but not really recommended). Pizzas are big, on a crusty thin layer of dough and with all the toppings real italian pizza should have. I love quatrro formaghi and diabolo. One pizza is enough for two people, unless you are extremely hungry. Price is about 55,000 rupiah for a pizza. The place is very casual, always crowded for dinners. It’s hard to find this restaurant, so use a google map, because it’s absolutely in the middle of nowhere. ;) http://4sq.com/OL9Ovm


Cozy little italian restaurant | Pecatu & Bingin

This place looks like small italian family restaurant with white-red checkered table-cloths and wall decorations. They serve pizza & pasta and the food is good. Prices are average for Bukit. We used to love this spot before we discovered CasAsia which is just closer to home ;) http://4sq.com/16OyIiG


Great mexican food

Warung Ohana

Warung Ohana

Nice mexican restaurant, big portions, great service | Dreamland

It’s not a warung, it’s a decent restaurant that has both indoor and outdoor dining. It’s a great spot for dinner with friends, or family. What I love most about this place is their giant portions and everything in the menu well thought out and cooked to perfection. Burritos are the best, and their locally made apple crumble for dessert is good too. Service is usually outstanding, especially judging by Bali standards! Prices are around 60,000 for burrito (you can share it for two if not really hungry). http://4sq.com/1s7boEQ

El Guero

Hole in the wall with good food, quick bite | Balangan

Great for quick bite. Menu is simple with limited choices. Either choose grilled fish, or grilled beef (I suggest fish) and you are set with a big plate of bbqued mahi-mahi, beans, flatbread and guacomole for 50,000 rupiah. The place looks like a real ‘hole in the wall’, with probably two tables only, so don’t expect anything fancy. The place is always filled with hungry surfers. Thumbs up for this place! http://4sq.com/MKpy11


Other International

★ Thai / Kat’s kitchen

thai cuisine, resonable pricing | Jimbaran, Balangan

These guys are one of the oldest restaurants in Bukit. They serve Thai food and it’s quite authentic. They have big choices of curry dishes: red curry, yellow, green curry – and you can choose from vegetarian, meat or seafood options. Tom yum is great, fresh springrolls are awesome too. Curry bowls come with rice and cost around 49,000 rupiah. Service can sometimes be annoying, but we still come back there for the thai food. They have two restaurants and the one in Jimbaran seems to have better cook & slightly better service. http://4sq.com/N31gdY & http://4sq.com/cA7W2W

Kats Kitchen

Japanese / Sushi Wasabi

japanese, family owned | Ungasan

That is probably the only good japanese place in Bukit and it’s quite authentic (another one is Oishi sushi in Jimbaran, very expensive). Sushi, sashimi, udon, katsu etc. Family-owned, small & cozy, one of the owners seems to be Japanese. Sushi is always freshly made. But be ready to wait for your meal, since it’s always wife & husband owners working there and they do everything from cooking to waiting tables. Prices around 45-60,000 rupiah. http://4sq.com/18o8p6z

Peruvian / Warung Olas

cozy warung, sevice | Balangan

Small warung owned by surfer family. Great place to go for your plate of sevice (fish marinated in lime juice), other stuff is good too. Very laid back, very friendly. http://4sq.com/17BX16v | facebook

Vietnamese / Black Rose Resto

pho bo spot | Pecatu

Another hidden gem of Bukit. If you are into vietnamese things like pho bo soup or springrolls or ban mie, check out this place. Open for dinner only. Very affordable prices. [map | facebook]


Check out the map of recommended food spots in Bukit!


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