Greenbowl beach cleanup. We are doing it!

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After watching on TED these two little girls from Bali making a real change with their ‘Bye Bye Plastic’ campaign I couldn’t sit still anymore. I had to do something for Bali on my own.

So me and couple of my surfer friends from Bukit decided to organize a local beach cleanup this month. We chose Greenbowl beach. We wanted a smaller area so we can try and see how it goes before we roll it our on some other spots like Balangan etc.

Greenbowl is a famous wet season surf spot and it used to be a very well hidden secret for long time. But not anymore. So many tourists and local visitors everyday and the beach & 300 stone stairs down the beach got all littered by food packaging, plastic straws & cups and other rubbish that sits there until the next rain. And when it rains really hard most of that rubbish ends up in the ocean.

As surfers and expats living quite some time in Bali we want to keep this island green as possible. We are not waiting for governments or local banjar to realize how fast plastic will destroy Bali. We can’t do much but to clean up are where we surf every other day that is in our hands.


Saturday, February 27  |  start 7am

We meet at Greenbowl parking, if you come later just join us at the beach or at the stairs.

We gonna start with cleaning the beach (at low tide) and move up cleaning the forest along the stairs (lots of rubbish there!). We will also clean the parking area from plastic. We are also planning on installing some signs in english / bahasa so people do not litter on the beach / on the stairs and bring their rubbish back with them.

We want to do it early to avoid the heat. I guess our cleanup will take not more than 1.5hrs since the area of Greenbowl is not very large. The more people join us, the faster we can do it.

Plastic bags, gloves, drinking and sunscreen water will be provided.

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By the way, did you know?

Top ten items found during the 2011 International Coastal Cleanup

Top ten items found during the 2011 International Coastal Cleanup


  1. Alex / February 26, 2016 at 10:39 pm /

    That is absolutely great idea
    Good job guys

  2. Purnama Wati / April 19, 2016 at 3:29 pm /

    Bali island is very beautiful, many resorts are nice, I really like a vacation to Bali

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