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Southeast Asia is known for cheap massages widely available.  In Bali, the average cost from a local massage is about $5.  When I first moved to Bali, massages for me was quite frequent especially after a long surf session.

After a few years in Bali there is no more novelty in going to the local, affordable spa salons. You begin to crave for a professional massage therapist that have the certification background.  One’s who can really relax and loosen up tight knots that form in your back after a long ride on a scooter, or daily surf.  Those cheap $5 spa salons are only good for relaxation purposes, not actual treatment for any chronic muscle aches.  This caused me to go on my quest to find the best places in Bali for the real massage therapist, even if it causes me to spend a bit more money then usual.  This is how I discovered an amazing balinese spa in Ubud.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in Ubud so it wasn’t an everyday option for me to go.

Another part of my personal quest for a healthy body was to find someone who not only provides a good massage, but is knowledgeable in long term medicinal techniques to cure my tense muscle problems and back pain.  At this point I feel that I needed something deeper when it comes to massages, or any kind of manual therapy.  This prompted me to research more about different types of therapy and osteopaths in Bali.

A friend of mine invited me to try this holistic healing center in Seminyak – Tirta Usada – where they don’t treat massage as just some tourist entertainment, but approach it more as a healing procedure. I was told that they are probably one of the few who truly use ancient balinese massage techniques, combined with some traditional Chinese medicine. All the therapists in Tirta Usada have professional education in manual therapy and Ayurveda. This sounded more like what I was looking for!  I signed up for a traditional balinese massage and decided to read more about the healing center.  Its where I’ve come to learn that besides balinese massage, they offered other treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, and osteopathy.  I decided to sign up for an appointment with the Ostheopath.  Below you can read about my experience with this center.  I can truly say it was a great experience and highly recommended if you are looking more into healing procedures than just a regular spa salon.  As you already know, I went there for a traditional Balinese healing massage + osteopath treatment.

Tirta Usada - Bali Holistic Healing Center

Review of Tirta Usada healing center


I later checked at the schedule realizing that the osteopath traveled back and forth to Jakarta as well.  Doctor Budi Jatmiko is originally from Indonesia, but has traveled and experience overseas.  Not only his knowledge in osteopathy is top notch, but his English is very good as well.  Besides the therapy itself, I was able to properly discuss with him all my pain and concerns which he was able to provide me with exercises to improve my back health.

Dr Budi did a very thorough check and explained the major problems that is causing my back muscles to tense up causing other muscles to compensate for what it was lacking.  He did a manual theraphy that includes a deep tissue massage and other things to loosen up those muscles. He explained to me about certain imbalances in my posture and ways to correct them.

My overall experience with osteopathy in Tirta Usada was excellent.  I like the holistic approach to fix the problem in long terms not just to mask the problem short term.  The information I received to treat my issues with just a few simple excercises is the treatment I long for.  Compared to my previous experiences with other osteopaths, I can definitively say that my appointment with Dr Budi was one of the most valued experiences.

The price for my osteopathy appointment was 800,000 rupiah. It was well worth all that I paid.  Other similar  places I tried were also in the same price range between 650,000 and 800,000 rupia.

Balinese Healing massage

I had also tried the true Balinese massage claimed in Tirta Usada to have healing properties.  It was a good quality message completely different from what you can get in a cheap local spa salon.

The massage in Tirta Usada is also pricier at 250,000 rupiah an hour. If you go to a fancy spa salon in Bali, they will charge the same price, or even higher.  Basically, if you are looking for something more professional and higher quality, be prepared to pay a higher price. At least still cheaper in comparison to what you would pay in the western part of the world.

Overall experience

I was pleased overall with the treatments I had in Tirta Usada.  I loved the peace and tranquility that you immediately feel as soon as you step into the treatment center.  The atmosphere is vibrant full of people who truly seem to care and want to help.  I felt significantly better after my treatments and I will definitely want to go back there again.

The place itself has a modern, yet simplistic, and down-to-earth look.  You can immediately feel one with nature and Bali.  It’s a small center which helps to make you feel more at home and not like in a huge hospital.  It’s very quiet and clean with traditional balinese music playing in the ombiance.

Besides the therapy, you can also buy herbal medicine, supplements, and natural cosmetics in Tirta Usada.  They also have a center in Ubud, but I haven’t been to that one yet.

How to find Tirta Usada

Address: Jalan Petitenget No. 198X, Seminyak, Bali
Tel:  +62 81246795679
tirtausada.com  | instagram: @tirtausada

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