Indonesia’s domestic flights & discounter airlines in South-East Asia

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April 28, 2016 at 5:44 pm  •  Posted in Featured, Practical info by

Whenever you are trying to get around Indonesia flying from Bali to some other islands you will most probably have to use local airlines. When I was planning my upcoming trip to some of the islands in Indonesia, I realized that you don’t see all the possible flights when you check big booking sites like momondo. Not all the flights are featured there (especially if we talk of small local airlines) and the choice of tickets is very limited (promo tickets are sometimes not there as well). The best thing in this case is to go directly to domestic airline website, but we don’t always know what airlines fly to that destination! So in this case I usually use local indonesian or south-east asian booking sites like (It’s ‘tiket’ and not ‘ticket’) for domestic flights has english interface so you don’t need to speak Indonesian to use it. When I travel locally in Indonesia I alway check my flight on And it’s not only good for Indonesia travel but for South-East Asia trips as well! For my recent trip to Malayasia, Penang I also found the cheapest ticket through local booking site.

For people who are like me living in Bali it’s also convenient that you can pay for a ticket via ATM or from local bank account.


Travel tip!

One more tip for booking domestic flights in South-East asia or Indonesia that many people don’t know about. If you know the name of the airport you are going to, but unsure what airlines fly there or what local connections you can make, go to wikipedia and type there the name of the airport including the word airport.

For example you are going to Yogyakarta and the airport’s name is Adisucipto, so just type in wikipedia “Adisucipto Airport” and you will go to this page scroll down to ‘Airlines and destinations’ section. All the airlines are flying to this city will be listed there together with all the connected flights. So sometimes it’s cheaper to book separate flights knowing from what other cities you can get to Yogyakarta or where you can fly next. (If you are unsure what is the name of the airport sometimes you can type “Yogyakarta airport” but it doesn’t always work properly).