My Bali diary


Uluwatu – one of the most amazing places in Bali.

 •  September 12

Welcome to Uluwatu – my favorite surf spot in Bukit and to one of the most scenic places in Bali. Check out my newest video on BaliBlogger youtube...

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Batur Hot Springs and the best fish restaurant in Kintamani

 •  September 2

Batur Volcano & Kintamani area are definitely one the top list of places to visit in Bali and most of Bali guides will be glad to bring you to famous...

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Vipassana. 10 days silent meditation retreat in Java.

 •  June 1

Have you ever heard of Vipassana? Of it’s 10 days silent meditation retreat? If not then you should at least once consider this amazing mind...

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How lucky am I to learn surfing in Bali?

 •  October 5

One of the reasons why I moved to Bali (besides not being a corporate slave anymore ;) is because I wanted to learn how to surf. Before coming to...

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Welcome to BaliBlogger

 •  September 30

Hello, my name is Stella and I am the author of this new blog about Bali. I moved to Bali couple of years ago and I started with a blog about this...

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