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Scooter rental tips

 •  May 4

If you are considering renting a scooter in Bali, please watch this video! I am sharing some information how to rent scooter: rental prices, safety...

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Indonesia’s domestic flights & discounter airlines in South-East Asia

 •  April 28

Whenever you are trying to get around Indonesia flying from Bali to some other islands you will most probably have to use local airlines. When I was...

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[VIDEO] How to choose in which area to stay in Bali?

 •  April 4

Bali is quite big island and it has many tourists areas that are very different from each other. In this video I am trying to give you some tips how...

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Guide to accommodation in Bali: guesthouses, homestays, hotels & villas for any budget.

 •  January 26

Bali is one of those tourist destinations where you can find accommodation options for different budgets. And when I say ‘different’ I really...

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Guide to Surfing in Bali, spot info & map.

 •  October 19

Bali has world class surf all season long located throughout the island. The island provides surf for every skill level. The only thing you have to...

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Bali’s most popular tourist areas.

 •  September 8

This article has the potential to becoming the most informative and useful guide for first time travelers to Bali. Bali is a rather a big island,...

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Trip to white sand & blue water paradise: Gili Islands!

 •  June 4

Lots of people come to Bali to spend their vacation on the beach.  Unless you stay in the Bukit peninsula, you won’t get much of a chance to enjoy...

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How to get to Bali?

 •  May 5

In order to get to Bali you need to book a flight to Denpasar airport (airport code DPS). Unfortunately, there aren’t many direct flights to Bali,...

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Car rental tips for Bali

 •  March 12

Rental cars and motor bikes are a very popular means of transport in Bali. The island is big and personal means of getting around is a necessity...

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