Rumah Pohon. New unusual sight-seeing spot in Bali!

Treetop house & pyramid temple in the east of Bali
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Rumah Pohon is a new cool place in Bali. We were probably one of the first bules (expats) to visit it! When I was researching info about this spot I couldn’t find much and even if you ask locals for direction most of them would have no idea about Rumah Pohon. That’s why I really want to share this awesome spot with you!

Let’s start with the story of this place. Rumah Pohon means ‘tree house‘ in Indonesian. This name comes from the very first object built in that place. They literally build a tree top house, which is very unusual for Bali. It has nothing to do with local architecture and local traditions so I was curious to see it.

Besides the treetop house there is a giant round temple that remind me of some pyramids you can see in Central America or in Egypt, which is also quite random for Bali. I haven’t heard of any Balinese architecture traditions to build pyramids.

And this pyramid temple in Rumah Pohon is really awesome. You can climb it to see all the beautiful surroundings. Yeah, I forgot to mention that views are just amazing! The place itself is localted on the slopes of Mount Agung and you can see ocean and beautiful fields from the top of the pyramid.

The idea behind this place is to teach people to appreciate the beauty of the nature and get more concerned about the environment and learn take care of everything around us. Kinda cool, isn’t it?

Rumah Pohon Bali

How to get to Rumah Pohon?

Rumah Pohon is located in the East of Bali, in Karangasem area near Batu Dawa village. To get there take the main road towards Amed and Tulamben, but turn left after Bali Dive Resort following the sign to Tukad Abu village and go straight to the top. Approximately 3 hours drive from Kuta.

How crowded?

No crowds and no tourists, especially if you come during the week! That’s a perfect touristic spot without crowds, so hurry up to see it before it does get crowded.


You can eat nasi goreng only for 10.000rp at the small warung there


Admission fee to the site is 10.000rp (1$)


  1. chamrul / April 12, 2015 at 4:43 pm /

    Beautiful scenery. I myself as the Indonesian people never knew a place like that. Like being and explore a fantasy world full of adventure and colossal.

  2. dewiku / April 24, 2015 at 3:18 pm /

    the place was like a fantasy world. Whether it is in the countryside. How can you find a place like that? Wow, probably stay for a while there will be great fun. is like living in the world of fantasy. Really very cheap at all to enjoy something unique like atmosphere on that “Rumah Pohon “, isn’t. One time I had to go there.

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