Weather in Bali: wet & dry season secrets.

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People always ask me, when is the best time and season to come to Bali?

Bali is truly a magical place!  You can come to Bali any month of the year. It’s summer season 365 days of the year!

Both air and water temperature don’t change much during the year.  Air temperature on average is consistently between 25-33 degrees Celsius, equivalent to 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperature averages around 28 degrees Celsius, or 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not bad right?  Perfect for surfers looking to escape from constricting rubber suits and enjoy the freedom.  You can surf without a wet suit year around.  For some, may still get chilly and find the need  to wear a spring suit, or a thick rash guard during the months of July-August.  Water temperature dips slightly cooler during these months.  Even so, majority of the people feel comfortable bare backing it throughout the year.

Bali consistently has tourists all year long.  There is a slight difference in visitors during August (considered to be the peak of the season), compared to January, with the least amount of tourist.  In terms of tourists, July and August tend to attract the highest concentrate of visitors.  The weather is extremely pleasant during these months.  Not too hot, not too humid, just the perfect temperature to entice everyone to come.  Not just surfers  chasing epic swell forecasts making up majority of the tourist around these times.

Weather in Bali now:

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Bali climate

From December to March, the west monsoon can bring heavy showers and high humidity.  But can still remain sunny with sporadic rain passing through quickly, mostly in the late afternoon, or evening.  From June to September, low humidity tends to cool down in the evenings.  This is the time of year when you will see minimal rain fall in Bali.

Rainy season in Bali

The rainy season in Bali is not bad compared to other Southeast Asian countries.  Short spurts of tropical rains are always followed by sunshine.  Most of the rain occur during the nights, although some days could bring bad luck and potentially rain non-stop throughout the day.

The worst months for rain are usually January and February.  Unless you absolutely love rain, try to avoid coming to Bali during these months.

Despite having gloomy weather, there are good things about the rainy season.  This is the time that it gets really warm.  The water stays consistently warm even in the early morning.  The air temperature stays the same both mornings and nights requiring no additional clothing.  You can comfortably wear nothing but shorts, t-shirt, and sandals.

If the rains become unbearable during your stay in Bali, try to escape to Gili Islands, where the weather is a bit dryer.

Dry season in Bali

Unless you enjoy hot tropical weather, you may want to avoid coming to Bali around these times of the year.  Dry season begins around April, when the rains dissipate and humidity levels drop.  Evenings become refreshingly cool, which some may feel the need to wear a sweatshirt when driving a motorbike. The peak of the dry season in Bali is in July and August.   So if you like tropical heat, BaliBlogger recommends coming to Bali in July or August.

Surfing seasons in Bali

You can actually surf year around in Bali.  You just need to pay attention to which spots work during what time of the season.

You may want to search for surf elsewhere during the rainy season (from November – December to March -April).  Any surf spot southwest of Bali (Berawa Beach, Canggu, Pererenan, Balian, Medewi) will most likely not be working during the wet season.  Avoid Kuta beach break as well, especially in January and February when the beach gets rather dirty.

Some spots work best in the rainy season.  Especially on the East side of the island, starting from Nusa Dua, Grinbowl and further north at Serangan, Keramas , Padang Galak , Lembeng and others.

Dry season from March, April, to November is the best time for surfing around the Bukit peninsula like Jimbaran, Balangan, Dreamland , Padang-Padang, and Uluwatu to name a few.  Don’t forget to also check for surf in the Southwest region of Bali around Canggu.

Weather statistics in Bali

Average temperature
28 C / 82 F
28 C / 82 F
28 C / 82 F
28 C / 82 F
27 C / 80 F
27 C / 80 F
26 C / 78 F
26 C / 78 F
26 C / 78 F
27 C / 80 F
28 C / 82 F
28 C / 82 F

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  1. Elise / October 9, 2014 at 4:11 pm /

    Ah shucks! I was googling weather in Bali (we’re making our first visit to Bali in Jan ’15) and all I got was “a little rainfall here and there”. Wish I’d come across your blog earlier.

    Well, the only good thing is that we got return tickets at $0 (now I know why!), and we’ll pray and cross our fingers that it only rains late afternoon for a short while coz we’ve made plans for the midnight Mt Batur trek and for the Treetop Adventure Park in the morning.

    :) Thanks for the posts and keep posting!

    • Stella / October 10, 2014 at 6:37 pm /

      Wish you guys luck with the weather! Some weeks are not as bad as other, so hope you get the best week in terms of weather ;)

  2. Cal / January 30, 2017 at 3:27 pm /

    Best time for waterfalls?

    • Stella / February 25, 2017 at 2:48 pm /

      day time or mornings

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