[VIDEO] How to choose in which area to stay in Bali?

 •  April 4

Bali is quite big island and it has many tourists areas that are very different from each other. In this video I am trying to give you some tips how...

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5 facts about Nyepi Day [VIDEO]

 •  March 29

In this video I am telling about the unique Bali tradition of Nyepi – balinese new year celebration that happens in March every year. Watch the video...

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10 things to do in Bali

 •  March 3

Coming to Bali for the first time and trying to figure out a list what you should see during your visit? Let me share my 10 tips what are absolutely...

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Greenbowl beach cleanup. We are doing it!

 •  February 17

After watching on TED these two little girls from Bali making a real change with their ‘Bye Bye Plastic’ campaign I couldn’t sit still anymore. I had to...

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Kubu Carik Bungalows. Perfect getaway in the east of Bali.

 •  February 13

Bali has very unique and beautiful nature without any doubt. But the real truth is that most tourists stay in areas like Kuta or Seminyak and they...

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Guide to accommodation in Bali: guesthouses, homestays, hotels & villas for any budget.

 •  January 26

Bali is one of those tourist destinations where you can find accommodation options for different budgets. And when I say ‘different’ I really...

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Bali most beautiful waterfalls.

 •  July 20

Central Bali with it’s amazing tropical landscapes is home to some of the most scerene waterfalls. Big and small, they are all beautiful in it’s...

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Where to eat in the Bukit area.

 •  June 22

The southern peninsula of Bali called Bukit. Starts from Jimbaran, covers areas like Balangan, Dreamland, Ungasan, Pecatu, Padang-Padang, Uluwatu,...

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Vipassana. 10 days silent meditation retreat in Java.

 •  June 1

Have you ever heard of Vipassana? Of it’s 10 days silent meditation retreat? If not then you should at least once consider this amazing mind...

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