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Coworking in Seminyak

Coworking has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, particularly for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Seminyak has emerged as a hub for coworking spaces, attracting a diverse community of professionals from around the world.

With its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and thriving startup scene, Seminyak offers the perfect environment for individuals looking to balance work and play. In this article, we’ll explore the best coworking spots in Seminyak. Check it out!

Top 5 Coworking Spots in Seminyak

These are the Seminyak coworking spaces that have everything you need for a successful, efficient day of working.

Biliq Seminyak

Biliq Seminyak
Photo: Biliq Seminyak

Biliq Coworking is a stylish and modern coworking space located in the heart of Seminyak. The space is designed to meet the needs of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs looking for a productive and collaborative environment. There are various seating options, including private offices, hot desks, and dedicated desks, providing flexibility for different working styles.

The space features high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and a kitchenette. It also has a community-oriented environment, with regular networking events, workshops, and training sessions. It’s a great opportunity for professionals to connect, learn and grow together.

The interior of the coworking space is designed with a modern and minimalist touch, providing a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. It is also filled with greenery, adding a touch of nature to the working environment.

Biliq Coworking in Seminyak is a perfect coworking space for professionals looking for a productive and collaborative environment in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

KE{M}BALI Innovation Hub

KEMBALI Innovation Hub
Photo: KE{M}BALI Innovation Hub

KE{M}BALI Innovation Hub is a unique coworking space in Seminyak that combines innovation, sustainability, and community. This coworking space is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly initiatives and provides a platform for individuals and businesses to collaborate on sustainable projects.

KE{M}BALI Innovation Hub has various seating options, including private offices, hot desks, and outdoor workspaces. The space is equipped with high-speed internet, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, and a rooftop terrace.

They host regular events, workshops, and training sessions focused on sustainability and innovation.This coworking space in Seminyak is ideal for individuals and businesses looking to make a positive impact.

G88 Coworking

Gate 88 Coworking
Photo: Gate 88

Gate 88 is a modern coworking space in Seminyak. The space provides a perfect balance of work and play, with a wide range of seating options, including private offices, hot desks, and meeting rooms.

It is designed with a minimalist and chic aesthetic, providing a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. Gate 88 also has high-speed internet, printing facilities, a kitchenette, and an onsite café.

This Seminyak coworking space hosts regular networking events, workshops, and training sessions, creating a vibrant community of professionals in Seminyak.

Bali Bustle

Bali Bustle
Photo: Bali Bustle

Bali Bustle Coworking in Seminyak is a thriving hub for digital nomads and professionals seeking a productive and inspiring workspace.

Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, this coworking space offers a dynamic environment where creativity and collaboration thrive. With its modern design, comfortable amenities, and high-speed internet, Bali Bustle provides an ideal setting for remote work.

The vibrant community of like-minded individuals fosters networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. From private offices to shared desks, Bali Bustle caters to diverse work styles. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, focused work, or simply connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, Bali Bustle ensures that work meets pleasure in the captivating backdrop of Seminyak.

Hub Bali Coworking

Hub Bali Coworking
Photo: Hub Bali Coworking

HubBali Coworking in Seminyak is a sought-after workspace for professionals seeking a productive and collaborative environment.

Situated in the heart of Seminyak, HubBali offers a well-designed and modern space equipped with all the necessary amenities for a seamless work experience. The coworking space caters to diverse needs, providing options such as private offices, dedicated desks, and comfortable shared spaces.

With high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, HubBali fosters connections and networking opportunities. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, HubBali offers a supportive and inspiring atmosphere to thrive in the bustling and dynamic setting of Seminyak.

Great Coffee Shops for Remote Working

Revolver Espresso

Revolver Espresso
Photo: Revolver Espresso

A popular cafe known for its excellent coffee, Revolver Espresso also offers a comfortable and spacious environment for working. With its industrial-chic decor and friendly staff, it’s a great spot to settle in, sip on a quality brew, and get some work done.

Sea Circus

Sea Circus
Photo: Sea Circus

This vibrant and quirky cafe in Seminyak provides a lively atmosphere with colorful decor and a welcoming vibe. It offers ample seating, reliable Wi-Fi, and a menu featuring tasty brunch options, making it an ideal spot for work sessions.


Photo: Sisterfields

Known for its stylish and modern ambiance, Sisterfields is a popular choice for digital nomads and remote workers in Seminyak. With its sleek design, comfortable seating, and a menu featuring brunch classics and healthy options, it’s a great place to set up your laptop and be productive.

Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel
Photo: Coffee Cartel

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Coffee Cartel is a cozy cafe that offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. With its rustic charm, friendly service, and a variety of coffee options, it’s a great place to work while enjoying a cup of joe.

Kynd Community

Kynd Community
Photo: Kynd Community

With its vibrant and Instagram-worthy decor, Kynd Community is not only a popular spot for plant-based food but also offers a comfortable workspace. It has a bright and airy environment, reliable Wi-Fi, and a menu filled with delicious and healthy options to fuel your workday.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, coworking in Seminyak offers a dynamic and vibrant environment for professionals seeking an inspiring and productive workspace. With a range of coworking spaces available, such as Bali Bustle and HubBali, individuals can find the perfect setting to meet their specific needs.

These coworking spaces provide modern amenities, high-speed internet, and opportunities for networking and collaboration. Whether you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, or remote worker, Seminyak’s coworking scene offers a supportive community and a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Embracing the bustle and energy of Seminyak, coworking spaces in this lively destination create the ideal balance between work and play, making it a compelling choice for professionals seeking a rewarding work experience.

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