Balinese Theater Beji Budaya

 •  April 19

Couple of weeks ago a friend of mine approached me and asked whether I have been in the Balinese theater before?  I gave him that surprised look...

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Silence day in Bali (Nyepi day) and Balinese New Year.

 •  March 31

Today was a special day in Bali – Nyepi day, or Silence day. It’s called the Silence day because everyone in Bali, including tourists, are supposed to...

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Car rental tips for Bali

 •  March 12

Rental cars and motor bikes are a very popular means of transport in Bali. The island is big and personal means of getting around is a necessity...

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Romantic getaway in Bali: Valentines day special!

 •  February 10

I am not a big fan of this cheesy day, meaning St.Valentine’s.  Somehow I felt the urge and inspiration to think of how to make your time in Bali...

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Learning to surf in Bali

 •  January 30

It’s funny how I never considered writing about surfing in Bali because the internet is so saturated with such articles.  I’ve been receiving numerous...

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Why you should visit Ubud

 •  November 14

Ubud is a tiny green town (almost a village) in the middle of the island. It’s far from most beach resorts and also from the ocean. So what makes Ubud...

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Galungan – one of the biggest religious festivals in Bali

 •  October 21

There are two major hindu festivals & celebration in Bali and one of them is Galungan. In its importance it can be probably compared to Christmas for...

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Hinduism in Bali

 •  October 11

Bali’s main religion is Hindu (all though the rest of Indonesia is mostly Muslim). A very weird story happened to me today that made me think of...

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How lucky am I to learn surfing in Bali?

 •  October 5

One of the reasons why I moved to Bali (besides not being a corporate slave anymore ;) is because I wanted to learn how to surf. Before coming to...

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