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Best Cafes in Ubud

Surrounded by rice paddies and full of ancient holy sites and temples, Ubud is one of the most popular places to visit in the heart of Bali.

From traditional art and dance to the famous Sacred Monkey Forest, it’s become a hotspot not only for spiritual tourists, but also long-term backpackers, ex-pats, and digital nomads.

Start off your jungle morning with a good ol’ cup of Joe at one of the best cafes in Ubud. Lining the busy streets there are SO MANY amazing spots to grab a caffeine fix and tasty snack.

Most of the cafes in Ubud use locally sourced Indonesian coffee, and many even roast their own beans directly onsite! For the iced-latte babes and hard, dark and strong fanatics, the coffee in Bali is unmatched!

Here are some of our fave coffee shops in Ubud to grab a steaming, or chilly, cup of coffee.

Cafe in Ubud

The Best Cafes in Ubud

1. Seniman Coffee Studio

Our number one pick for coffee shops in Ubud goes to Seniman Coffee Studio. Coffee enthusiasts will drool over the expertise and creative presentation.

Centrally located in Ubud, it’s super easy to reach, with a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a quick afternoon break, or to relax and stay awhile to get some work done.

The only drawback to Seniman is the limited food options. While they do have a bakery and a small menu available, it’s definitely lacking in comparison to some other cafes in Ubud.

That being sand, the ambience and passion are enough to put this cafe at the top of the list!

2. Lazy Cats Cafe

Lazy Cats takes the prize for coolest interior design. The towering skylights floods natural light into the space, to create an open and welcoming environment.

For an afternoon catching up on emails or hanging out with friends, it is super comfortable and will quickly feel like home.

Lazy Cats has an excellent all-day menu, with options for vegetarians, vegans, and everything in-between. With a bar and gallery, it is a perfect combo of food, art, and great Indonesian coffee.

3. Cafe Vespa

A small cafe and eatery located in an old art gallery just on the outskirts of Ubud, Cafe Vespa is a great quiet place for some great coffee or a meal.

Each cup of coffee is freshly ground, and made from their own blend of Arabica beans.

Cafe Vespa has a good selection of teas and juices if you’re staying off caffeine, but you’ll want to try out some of the best coffee in Bali!

There is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with a great variety of cuisine styles – from Thai to Italian food. Transform your afternoon of work to a full, delicious dinner date with friends. Cafe Vespa is a super easy and comfortable spot to become your daily coffee stop-off.

4. Kafe

The best coffee shops in Ubud have gotta have 2 things – an impressive menu and AMAZING coffee.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, appetisers – Kafe’s menu is stacked! Even better, they use sustainably sourced ingredients, many of which are organic. From the Jamaican Jerk Chicken to Miso Soup, you can find meat dishes as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

If you want to accompany your coffee with a feast of delicious food, Kafe is the best spot. Whack out your laptop, or just chill for a solo dinner, either way your taste buds are gonna be happy!

Cafe in Ubud

5. Milk and Madu

Pizza, coffee, beer, and tea – Milk and Madu is a quirky blend of restaurant, cafe, and coffee shop.

Centrally located in Ubud, it’s a popular spot among tourists, locals, and coffee enthusiasts alike.

The atmosphere is more lively and noisy, especially in the evenings when people are coming for the pizzas and cocktails. But during the mornings, it is quieter and more like a typical Ubud cafe.

Milk and Madu often has special events and promotions, from 2-for-1 pizza deals, to arts and crafts days. Not the place for a quiet afternoon of work, but definitely the spot for a more lively social interaction and fun time.

6. Gangga Coffee

On the northern edge of Ubud, Gangga Coffee is a chill environment with delicious, sustainably sourced coffee.

Selling the beans they produce, if you’re struck by just how good the coffee is – and you will be – you can even take some home for your own brewing!

The bright, open space combines modern decor with a natural vibe from the large windows and plants. Tuck into a fabulous breakfast to start your day off right, or fuel up for an afternoon of adventures around town, the menu at Gangga Coffee has all the cafe classics.

7. F.R.E.A.K. Coffee

F.R.E.A.K. Coffee shop is in the heart of Ubud, yet still maintains a peaceful, secluded space. It’s best known for it’s creative latte art, adding a little something special to your caffeine pick-me-up.

In comparison to other cafes in Ubud, F.R.E.A.K. has a bit more of a lively atmosphere. It’s great for socialising and chatting with friends, rather than quiet reading or trying to work or study.

F.R.E.A.K. Coffee has a decent menu selection and a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, with options for vegetarians and vegans available.

Cafe in Ubud

8. Watercress

Accompany your amazing cup of coffee with a fabulous meal at Watercress. Their extensive menu has all-day breakfasts, and a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and other diet-friendly options.

The upstairs area of the Ubud coffee shop has a nice view of the street below, it’s a peaceful place to sit if you’re planning to hang out for a while.

Watercress has a good balance between a typical coffee shop, where it would be more common to see people reading or working on their laptops, and a restaurant generally frequented by friends or people who just want a bite to eat.

9. Monkey Cave Espresso

A super small and relatively unknown coffee shop, Monkey Cave Espresso is perfect if you’re in search of a tranquil spot to sit and relax after tackling the hectic traffic.

It’s close to the Sacred Monkey Forest, and has a great close-to-nature vibe with beautiful decor and floods of natural light.

In the mornings, there is a small selection of breakfast items, and in the afternoon, only coffee and beverages are available.

Their coffee, dare we say, is some of the best coffee in Bali. The scene isn’t quite as lively as some other cafes in Ubud, but on those introspective days, that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Juria House

Ultra-small, but also ultra-special, Juria House is an intimate hole-in-the-wall kind of spot to grab your morning coffee.

They use coffee made from a rarer type of bean, harvested on the island of Flores. It has an incredibly distinct flavour. The unique bean and the manual espresso machine produce a brew that you can’t find anywhere else in Ubud.

Since it’s so small, Juria House isn’t a place to stay and work for the day, but you don’t want to miss out on the coffee options!

11. Ubud Coffee Roastery

With beans roasted on-premise, the Ubud Coffee Roastery has made a name for themselves with fresh signature blends of locally sourced beans. You can’t get more authentically amazing coffee than this!

With speedy Wi-fi and cool air conditioning, the Coffee Roastery is a great spot to relax for the afternoon to get some work done on your laptop or brainstorm your next venture.

Cafe in Ubud

12. Suka Espresso

The original Suka Espresso is in Uluwatu. Taking their talents for coffee from the coast to the heart of the island, the cafe serves some of the best coffee in Bali. Suka is an Australian-style cafe with a large menu and excellent fresh coffee brews.

It’s just as suitable for a quick afternoon coffee as it is for a complete meal. Choose to enjoy some people watching outside, or hide away indoors for a more peaceful coffee session.

13. Monsieur Spoon

Anyone who has spent a good amount of time in Bali will have their own fave Monsieur Spoon order. Most likely including a tasty, flaky pastry as their bakery is 5-star!!

Choose from incredible, mouth watering pastries, choose a stuffed sandwich or a dragon bowl full of fresh, local fruit. Monsieur Spoon is a good coffee shop in Ubud for a full breakfast feast.

Their signature item is their famous croissant, and there are plenty of other flaky, buttery pastries to choose from. Super comfortable and relaxing, Monsieur Spoon has locations all over the island, making it a home fave.

Cafe in Ubud

14. Sunny Coffee

With an easy atmosphere and cool, artsy decor, Sunny Coffee is a nice, quiet spot near the centre of Ubud.

There’s a selection of bakery and pastry items, as well as a few simple meal options to accompany their coffee menu.

It’s small enough to feel intimate but large enough not to be cramped. Take the cool, decorative tiled staircase to the top floor, where there’s a nice place to sit with a view of the road. Select your favourite coffee, take a seat, and watch the street traffic pass by!

15. Folk Pool

Folk Pool is really different from other Ubud cafes with an impressive pool at the heart of it. You can lounge on relaxing day beds, hide under the cabanas and enjoy the ultimate tropical coffee experience.

A restaurant and cafe in one, Folk Pool has a great range of amenities and menus to keep you satisfied all day long – if you choose to hang around.

At the Bisma Eight hotel, it’s probably the most luxurious coffee experience you will have in Bali.


It’s practically a crime to travel to Bali without trying some of the local coffee blends! With so many options for fresh roasted and signature brews, there’s no need to worry about not being able to find a spot to get your caffeine fix.

When travelling to Ubud, you’ll definitely want to visit some of the local cafes, not only to experience the great beverages, but also the atmosphere, social interactions, and culinary scene of the city.

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the best cafes in Ubud, try them out for yourself to decide which Ubud coffee shop is your favourite!

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