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How to Get to Bali

One of the most incredible tropical islands you can visit, Bali is a travellers’ paradise. There’s just one thing… Indonesia is quite a long way from the US, Europe, and Australia! So, it must be expensive and difficult to get to, right? Well, not exactly. Let us help you out!

In this post, we’ll look at not only at how to get to Bali, but lots of other things too. We’ll check out the cheapest way to get to Bali, flights to Bali, and a few other useful travel tips! So, let’s take a closer look…


When to Visit Bali

when to visit Bali Indonesia
source: Marius Dobilas (Shutterstock)

Bali doesn’t get spring, summer, autumn, and winter like the UK and the US. Since it’s so close to the equator, there are only two seasons. Those are the dry season and the wet season. The dry season is between April and October. Bali’s wet season is between October and April, but you’re still likely to see the sun every day!

Bali is a year-round destination – no matter when you visit it’ll be humid, warm, and tropical. So, although the weather will be better at some times of year than others, travelling outside of high season does have its benefits!

The best time to visit Bali depends on your motivations. Do you want to be assured of dry weather for the whole of your holiday, or are you willing to visit when the weather is less predictable to save yourself some dosh?


Best Times of Year for Weather

Bali dry season

If you’re looking to make the most of the weather in Bali, the dry season is a better time to visit. June, July, and August are the driest months and the days are usually sunny! However, it’s also the busiest season, so you will have to put up with lots of crowds! April, May, and September are shoulder seasons – there won’t be as many people but you can still be fairly assured that it’ll stay dry!


Cheapest Time to Visit Bali by Flights

Bali rainy

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get to Bali, visiting during the high season isn’t really an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad weather! The cheapest flights to Bali are usually between January and April. This is the low season, and you might see a bit of rain. It’s not just the flights that will be cheaper – your accommodation will be too!

Bali offers something for everyone. So, it’s not just backpackers who pitch up here, its every kind of traveller – including families! With that in mind, school holidays or national holidays are bad times to look at cheap flights.

Deals can be found all year round for cheap flights though – so it could be a good idea to set up alerts for cheap flights to Bali on Skyscanner or Kiwi wherever you’re based!


How to Get to Bali from Australia

Australian airline

Wondering how to get to Bali from Australia? You’ve got a lot of options. There are 7 airlines which offer direct flights from Australia to Bali. These are:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Darwin
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

You can go from several other Australian airports if you’re willing to make a stopover!


Best Airlines to Fly to Bali from Australia

Wondering about the best airline to fly to Bali from Australia? That all depends on what you want from the flight. There are several airlines which offer flights between the two destinations, including Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, Jetstar, Malindo Air, Qantas, and Virgin Australia. Flight times vary from just 2.5 hours (from Darwin) to more than 6 hours (Sydney).

There are two airlines which offer check-in baggage and meals aboard – these are Garuda Indonesia and Qantas. Garuda Indonesia flies from Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth year-round, while Qantas flies from Perth year-round and Sydney during peak times! However, these are often the most expensive options for flying to Bali.

For cheap flights to Bali, it’s better to check out Air Asia and Jetstar. These are often the cheapest flights from all Australian airports, but you will have to pay extra for baggage and any in-flight food.


Cheapest Airports in Australia to Fly to Bali

The cheapest way to get to Bali from Australia is from Perth airport. You can fly from Perth to Bali for less than $200 AUS with Air Asia. Surprisingly, the cheapest time to fly is in August which is at the end of the high season! Do remember though, with Air Asia, you’ll have to pay extra for baggage.

The most expensive airport in Australia to fly to Bali is Sydney, with return tickets costing almost $400 AUS!


How to Get to Bali from UK

Manchester airline

According to Skyscanner, there are no direct flights from the UK to Bali. However, there are several with a stopover. Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia are just some of the best options for a long-haul flight to Bali with a stopover!

The shortest flights with a single stopover can start at 16.5 hours from a London airport. However, it’s possible to find a cheaper deal with multiple stopovers. But that can take a very long time!


Best Airlines to Fly to Bali from UK

There are several airports which offer long-haul flights from the UK to Bali. The best airline for you all depends on where you’re flying from. And the beauty of connecting flights means that you don’t have to fly from the capital, London.

Wherever you are in the UK, you don’t have to travel far to find an airport that has a route to Bali. Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Manchester all offer flights with one stop in Dubai with Emirates. So, if getting to one of those airports is easier for you than travelling all the way to London, Emirates offers the most comprehensive coverage from airports in the UK!

If London is your default airport, you have a little more choice, and Malaysian Airlines and Philippines Airlines can offer you cheaper flights, with stops in Kuala Lumpur and Manila respectively!


Cheapest Airports in UK to Fly to Bali

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get to Bali from UK, Skyscanner or Kiwi should be your first port of call. You can usually find flights from about £400. London, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Manchester offer the cheapest flights to Bali. It’s around £400 but these flights can change depending on the time of year.

Make sure to check how many stops your flight has and the overall timing. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit extra for convenience over stopping 3 times and spending multiple hours in airports!

One thing you’ll have to factor in if you’re travelling from the UK is your home destination. Remember that even though the cities mentioned above offer the cheapest flights to Bali from the UK, you’ll have to pay for a train to one of those back home. And UK trains are notoriously expensive!


How to Get to Bali from Europe

Europe airline

Let’s take a look at flight to Bali from some European airports. Flights are often cheapest booked exactly a month apart from all the options below! As well as the airports we’ve included, Madrid, Moscow, and Istanbul offer good options for cheap flights to Bali!

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Schipol is the fourth biggest airport in Europe and it’s a contender for the cheapest way to get to Bali from Europe. There are a lot of choices when it comes to airlines too! The shortest flights with a stopover take around 16.5 hours.


You’ll find the biggest airport in Europe in Paris. Charles de Gaulle airport is another that offers cheap flights to Bali. Multiple airlines offer routes with different stopovers, and the shortest flight time is 17 hours.


It’s easy to travel from Germany to Bali, with flights from Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich with stopovers. Flights from here are more expensive than France or the Netherlands. Like the UK, you should expect to pay around £400 for the cheapest return flight!


Best Airlines to Fly to Bali from Europe

Best Europe Airline
source: Liam Allport (Flickr)

The Netherlands

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to fly to Bali from Europe, then Xiamen Air can offer you a flight for just over £300 return. However, stopovers in Xiamen come with a long wait and you’ll probably end up spending money in the airport. If you feel you can hack it, go for it!

However, we’d recommend a shorter stopover and either flying with Garuda Indonesia or KLM. These have the shortest stopovers, but flights are more likely to cost north of £500. KLM is the most expensive option!


Similarly to Amsterdam, Xiamen Air offers the cheapest way to fly from Paris to Bali. However, this is with two stopovers and the return leg can take more than 48 hours. We’d only suggest this if there’s no other route available or you’re really short on cash!

Qatar Airways offers a flight with a stopover in Doha. While the price is closer to £600, it’s a much more doable 17 hours! Singapore Airlines have a similar flight from Paris CDG to Bali with a stop in Singapore.


From Frankfurt, Singapore Airlines offer the fastest route at just under 16 hours, but the cheapest airline to fly with is China Airlines. Scoot is the cheapest airline flying from Berlin, but you may have two stopovers. Munich has multiple airlines with one stopover that come in around the £600 mark, including Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Aeroflot.


Cheapest Airports in Europe to Fly to Bali

Europe Airport
source: Room98 (Shutterstock)

The Netherlands

The Netherlands offers the cheapest way to get to Bali from Europe, at just over £300. Amsterdam Schipol is the cheapest, but you can also fly with one stopover from Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Maastricht, or Groningen.


The cheapest airport in France to fly to Bali is Paris Charles de Gaulle. Lyon, Nice, Marseille, and Toulouse offer realistic options. However, some prices from smaller regional airports are so crazy expensive that it’s not worth taking them into consideration!


When you take availability and price into account, the cheapest airlines to fly from in Germany are Frankfurt Am Main and Berlin Tegel. Hamburg offers the cheapest flight to Bali overall from Germany, but this service is much less frequent than Frankfurt and Berlin!


How to Get to Bali from US

USA airline

For those looking for the cheapest way to get to Bali from the United States, there’s a lot to take into consideration! Like with the UK and Europe, there are no direct flights to Bali, but there are multiple options with one stopover.

It just depends whether you’re closer to the east or west of the states depending on where that’ll be! From the west coast of the United States (LA, San Francisco) the shortest flights are around 22 hours. From the eastern seaboard, you’re more likely to have a 24+ hour flight – either stopping in the Middle East, Hong Kong, or Singapore.


Best Airlines to Fly to Bali from US

The best airline to fly to Bali from the US all depends on where you want to fly from. Eva Air offer flights from multiple US destinations, as do Emirates, China Eastern, China Airlines, and Singapore Airlines!


Cheapest Airports in US to Fly to Bali

The cheapest airport to fly to Bali from the US is New York. With an outgoing flight in April 2020, you can get a return exactly a month later for just over £330 return. Flying from the western States? For just under £400, you can get a return flight from San Francisco with China Eastern in April too. Note that these are not the shortest flights to Bali though!

There’s a big jump in price for the cheapest flights to Bali from the US after that, but Seattle, Honolulu, Houston and Chicago all offer flights from around the £500 mark.

It’s a great idea to set up an alert on Skyscanner or Kiwi to find the cheapest flights to Bali from US so you can tailor it more finely to your location in the states!


Getting from Bali Airport (DPS) to your Accommodation

Ngurah Rai International Airport
source: Mike (Flickr)

So, now you’ve found the cheapest way to get to Bali from your destination, how do you get from Bali Airport to your accommodation? That all depends on where you’re staying. In this part of the post, we’ll take a look at the prices from Bali airport to the island’s most popular spots!

Remember, that Bali’s public transport system is non-existent. So, if you’re not renting a car directly at the airport, you’ll have to rely on a local taxi or being picked up by a host from your accommodation!


Using Bluebird, GoJek and Grab

Bali Blue bird
source: Manoj Prasad (Flickr)

If you’re used to using Uber, you’ll love GoJek. GoJek is the best way to get around – just open the app and find a… MOTORBIKE? Yep, that’s right. Motorbikes are often the quickest way to get around in Indonesia, so it’s a useful app to have in your pocket when you’re travelling to Bali!

Not only can you get a lift from using GoJek, but drivers can also bring you beer or deliver mail. Not bad! Go-Jek has a flat rate of ID 15,000, but the maximum distance you can travel at this rate is 25km.

If you’ve got a lot of luggage, or the idea of riding a motorcycle scares you (don’t worry, you won’t be the only one), thankfully there are alternatives. Yes, Uber is available in Indonesia, but Bluebird and Grab are useful alternatives which are growing in popularity all the time.

The taxi industry in Indonesia can be corrupt, but Bluebird taxis have earned a reputation for being honest and safe. Other companies often trick tourists by not using their meter or taking longer routes than necessary. Bluebird Taxis are easy to spot. Unsurprisingly, they’re blue, and they have a bird logo inside and Bali Taxi written on the side.

When it comes to travelling from Bali airport, you’ll find that Ngurah Rai airport taxis have a monopoly over taxis, but you can still easily get a Bluebird or use Grab.

Do be aware that there are fixed rates from Bali Airport to all locations on the island. These are pre-paid at the taxi counter in Denpasar Airport. If you’re using an app, make sure that the prices are the same as these!



Bali Ubud Accom
source: My Good Images (Shutterstock)

Ubud is in zone 9. The journey is just under 41km, and the price from Bali Airport to Ubud in a taxi should be ID 360,000. That’s roughly $26 USD or $20.

It’s cheaper on a gojek, and you should pay around ID 107,000. That’s almost $8 USD or £6. These prices may be more during rush hour!



Bali Canggu Accom
source: Gekko Gallery (Shutterstock)

Canggu is in Zone 8. The journey is just under 20km and the price from Bali Airport to Canggu in a taxi should be ID 310,000. That’s roughly $23 USD or £18.

Gojek is cheaper, with the average price being ID 44,000. That’s just over $3 USD or £2.50!



Bali Seminyak Accom
source: JR-stock (Shutterstock)

Seminyak is in Zone 3. The journey is 9km and the price from Bali Airport to Seminyak should be ID 150,000. That’s roughly $11 USD or £8.50.

Gojek is the cheapest way to get to Seminyak, costing ID 13,000. Less than $1 USD!



Bali Kuta Accom

Kuta is a little more complicated. Kuta is in Zone 2, and the price from Bali Airport to Kuta in a taxi should be ID 120,000. That’s roughly $9 USD or £7. If you’re staying in North Kuta, that’s zone 3. The price from Bali Airport to North Kuta isn’t so different – in fact, it’s the same as Seminyak. Zone 3 means you’ll be paying ID 150,000, which again is around $11 USD or £8.50!

Gojek costs a little less – Kuta should cost ID 7,000 – around $0.50 USD!


Arranging a Ride with your Host

Arranging a Ride with your Host
source: Ya, saya inBaliTimur (Flickr)

When you arrive at Bali airport, an ojek or a taxi isn’t your only option. It’s a good idea to check if your hotel offers an airport transfer service. It may cost a little more, but it’s likely to be the least stressful and most comfortable way to get from Bali airport to your accommodation!

On average, airport transfers should cost around the following prices:

Ubud – $29 USD

Canggu – $24 USD

Seminyak – $21 USD

Kuta – $19 USD


Final Thoughts on How To Get to Bali

So, that concludes our travel tips on not only how to get to Bali, but lots more too! And just in case you’ve forgotten, here is a quick summary of the cheapest ways to get to Bali!

Cheapest way to fly from Australia to Bali – Perth – Denpasar with Jetstar Airlines. Jetstar Airlines and Air Asia usually the cheapest way to get to Bali from Australia!

Cheapest way to fly from UK to Bali – London Heathrow to Bali. Emirates offer several flights from other UK airports with a stop in Dubai.

Cheapest way to fly from Europe to Bali – Xiamen Airlines from Amsterdam Schipol to Bali. Just over £300, but very long stopovers! Other airlines better if you’re looking for convenience!

Cheapest way to fly from US to Bali – Overall cheapest, New York with China Eastern Airlines. San Francisco close behind at around £400, on the same airline. Again, a more convenient route will cost a little more!

And remember, once you arrive at Denpasar airport, make sure to use Ojek, Bluebird, or Grab to get your taxi. And always refer to the fixed prices from the airport to make sure you’re not being overcharged! That is, of course, if you haven’t already made an agreement with your accommodation host to pick you up or drop you off!

Now that we’ve helped you work out how to get to Bali, you can get to planning the more fun and exciting aspects of your trip, such as visiting temples, going scuba diving, and gorging yourself silly on Indonesian street food! We wish you an incredible vacation in Bali!

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