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Where to Stay in Canggu (2023 • COOLEST Areas!)

Canggu is a coastal town in South Bali that is popular with tourists that want to get away from the bustling atmosphere of the bigger party towns like Seminyak. This beach town not only benefits from a calmer atmosphere, it also manages to retain excellent transport links with the more established tourist regions – perfect for those that want to experience the best of both worlds.


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Despite seeming like a small town on the map, Canggu is packed with different neighbourhoods and crawls right into the inland part of South Bali. Each area has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to get a bird’s eye view before you touch down here. That’s where we come in!

We’ve built this guide to the best neighborhoods in Canggu to help you plan your itinerary. Whether you’re looking for nightlife, family-friendly fun or the hottest new precinct, we have you covered.

So let’s get started!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Canggu

  • Where to stay in Canggu for the first time – Batu Bolong
  • Where to stay in Canggu on a budget – Inland Canggu
  • Best neighborhood in Canggu for families – Pererenan
  • Where to stay in Canggu for nightlife – Berawa
  • Coolest place to stay in Canggu – Echo Beach

Where to Stay in Canggu

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Canggu.

Best Hostel in Canggu: Dreamsea Surf Camp Canggu

Best Hostel in Canggu

Located a little bit further inland from Batu Bolong, this hostel is very well priced and has a unique atmosphere thanks to the secluded bungalows! There is a large social area with plenty of games and facilities that help you mingle with other guests. It is also one of the highest rated hostels in Canggu.

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Best Airbnb in Canggu: Walk to the Beach

Best Airbnb in Canggu

The Airbnb Plus range is a selection of the most stylish and unique accommodation options available on the website! This villa is a great example of this and is perfect for both couples and solo travellers heading to Canggu. It is only a short walk from Berawa Beach, meaning you are close to the best nightlife options.

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Best Hotel in Canggu: Hotel Tugu Bali

Best Hotel in Canggu

If you want to sample a piece of local culture whilst at your hotel, you can’t go wrong with a stay at Hotel Tugu Bali! Alongside the typical Indonesian architecture, the hotel also boasts a large collection of local antiques. There are a whopping five restaurants on-site, as well as a private beach.

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Best Boutique Hotel in Canggu – Taman Nauli Boutique Rooms

Taman Nauli Boutique Rooms

A tranquil hideout in the middle of Canggu with a 180 degrees view of rice fields and greenery, a truly unique and romantic place to stay. With a mixed asian and western restaurant in house, damn good coffee, and daily yoga classes (and coconut oil making classes) to keep you active. Hands down one of the best location boutique guesthouses in Canggu and a great choice for a romantic stay.

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Canggu Neighborhood Guide

Canggu has long been a popular destination for expats from all over the world thanks to its laid-back vibe. This has resulted in plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment popping up around the area, especially in recent years. It is a great choice for first-time visitors to the island thanks to this easy accessibility. You’ll also find most of the locals who interact with expats will speak good English.

Batu Bolong is the area right in the heart of Canggu! This long street stretches from the beach inland. Batu Bolong Beach is the busiest in the city, and a favorite for surfers – but if you’re not into surfing, you’ll find no shortage of lounge chairs to kick back on, too. The street itself is perfect for those interested in shopping for souvenirs and local fashions, as well as lush patios when you’re ready to get off your feet.

Heading further east you will reach Inland Canggu. Bali is already a very budget-friendly destination, but this collection of villages is perfect for those on a tight budget! They are packed with attractions and culinary delights and are well connected to the coast by public transport or scooter.

On the opposite side of the centre from Berawa you will find both Echo Beach and Pererenan! Both of these destinations are amongst the mot relaxed in Canggu, with Pererenan having some more family friendly attractions. If you aren’t travelling with kids, Echo Beach has a little bit more in terms of nightlife and is one of the coolest places to stay – not just in Canggu but in Bali as a whole.

Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Canggu

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the five best neighbourhoods in Canggu. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

1. Batu Bolong – Where to stay in Canggu for your first time

Batu Bolong is the main tourist strip in Canggu, and a perfect choice for first-time visitors looking to get their bearings and get into the heart of the action! The street itself is packed with local restaurants, boutiques and souvenir stores, as well as some buzzing nightlife in the evenings. There is also a beach which acts as the main hub of the city during the day.

Where to Stay in Canggu for the First Time
source: surflover (Shutterstock)

Canggu has long been considered one of the best surfing spots in Bali, and Batu Bolong is where you will be able to access equipment hire as well as take some classes if you’re a beginner! There is also a small transport hub where you can take trips to other spots on the island.

More awesome things to see and do in Batu Bolong

Where to Stay in Canggu for the First Time
source: Breslavtsev Oleg (Shutterstock)


  • Head down to the Batu Bolong Surf School where you can learn how to ride some waves, or improve your skills if you already know how to handle a surfboard
  • Batu Bolong Temple is smaller than the more famous temples elsewhere in Bali, but makes a perfect spot for a photo at sunset
  • Whilst Canggu isn’t really a party destination, Old Man’s is a vibrant hub of life throughout the week and holds the largest party in town on Wednesday nights
  • Take a trip down to Love Anchor Market where you can pick up some local produce as well as souvenirs and locally made crafts
  • There are plenty of fantastic restaurants along the main strip, but if we had to recommend one we suggest sampling the fresh fare at Poke Poke Canggu

Best Hostel Batu Bolong: Kos One Hostel

Best Hostel Batu Bolong

This gorgeous hostel is perfectly placed right in the heart of the town centre! It has a luxurious atmosphere thanks to modern furnishings, and a beautiful pool terrace surrounded by a garden. A complimentary breakfast is included in the rate.

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Best Airbnb in Batu Bolong: Villa Tulla

Best Airbnb Batu Bolong

Another great accommodation right in the heart of the town, Villa Tulla is perfect for large groups and families visiting the area! It comes with a large private pool and a handy outdoor shower, and a well-stocked kitchen.

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Best Hotel in Batu Bolong: Hotel Tugu Bali

Best Hotel Batu Bolong

This five-star hotel is truly the epitome of luxury in Canggu! Boasting beautiful ocean views from every room, the hotel also has its own section of beach that is reserved for guest use only. A complimentary breakfast is provided every morning, with vegan and gluten free options available.

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2. Inland Canggu – Where to stay in Canggu on a budget

Whilst not officially a separate neighborhood from Batu Bolong, you will find that many of the hostels and restaurants get cheaper the more Inland you get! You’re still close to attractions and restaurants, and are only a short scooter drive away from the beach, but you’ll be able to stretch your dollar a lot further here.

If you’re on a budget, this is a great area to get a taste of luxury without breaking the bank. There are plenty of four and five-star accommodation choices here that are cheaper than lower-rated hotels on the coast, allowing you to kick back in style for less. Even the hostels are souped-up here!

More awesome things to see and do in Inland Canggu

  • If your accommodation doesn’t have a pool, Taman Segura Madu is a small water park with a few pools that can be accessed by the public
  • Just need somewhere to unwind after a few days of exploring? Vishaka Spa and Salon have a great selection of holistic therapies
  • Beer and Co Canggu is a local craft brewery store where you can pick up some of the best beers on the island
  • Intrinity Drivers are one of the best-rated tour companies in Canggu – they offer a great range of tours across the island, as well as private itineraries
  • Head to Kinuwa Restaurant and Healthy Bar for some of the most delectable cuisines in Canggu – especially if you are watching your diet!

Best Hostel Inland Canggu: Balicabana Bungalows Hostel

Best Hostel in Inland Canggu

This hostel comes with fantastic reviews thanks to the attention to detail and excellent levels of service. The communal area comes with a ping pong table, pool table and board games – and they also coordinate social events throughout the week. The on-site restaurant offers Neapolitan style pizza.

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Best Airbnb in Inland Canggu: Villa Sar’ja

Best Airbnb in Inland Canggu

Part of the Airbnb Plus range, this stylish villa is a great choice for couples that want their own little hideaway to unwind in! It has its own private pool with sun loungers and a decked terrace area. The decor is beautiful, too – it perfectly combines Balinese tradition and modern amenities.

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Best Hotel in Inland Canggu: Planta Luxury Boutique Resort

Best Hotel in Inland Canggu

This high-market hotel comes in at a surprisingly affordable rate – perfect if you want to splash out a little without going crazy! This resort is a collection of traditional villas with wooden walls and thatched roofs. The large pool area connects each villa, and is surrounded with sun loungers.

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3. Pererenan – Best neighborhood in Canggu for families

Though Pererenan is officially a separate village, the boundary with Canggu is basically indistinguishable, and the centre of the village is only a short walk away from central Canggu! This neighborhood is even quieter than Canggu as a whole, making it a perfect choice for families visiting the region.

Best neighborhood in Canggu for families
source: Dudarev Mikhail (Shutterstock)

Don’t be fooled though – just because it’s peaceful and quiet, there are still plenty of excellent activities to enjoy, especially if you love outdoor activities and lush rice paddies.

More awesome things to see and do in Pererenan

Best neighborhood in Canggu for families
source: Dudarev Mikhail (Shutterstock)


  • Head to Pererenan Beach – as it is a black sand beach it is quieter than the beaches on the other side of Canggu, though still comes with water sports equipment hire stores
  • Head to the edge of Pererenan to check out the verdant rice paddies that circle the town – just a stunning view!
  • Canggu Bicycle Rental has a branch next to Pererenan Beach, making it a great way to explore Bali with kids or family
  • Pura Babadan is a small Hindu temple only a short walk away from the centre of Pererenan, and perfectly showcases the multiple religious traditions on the island
  • Treat the kids to the divine desserts available at Made’s Banana Flour Company, and grab a healthy smoothie for yourself!

Best Hostel Pererenan: Tribal Hostel

Tribal Hostel is our favorite hostel in Pererenan. It is HUGE with a coworking space, cafe, bar, infinity pool and lush gardens. Ideal for traveling digital nomads, there is hostel dorms as well as private rooms. This affordable and modern spot has everything you need, all just a short walk from the beach.

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Best Airbnb in Pererenan: Sparkling Villa

Best Airbnb in Pererenan

Another stylish Airbnb Plus property, Sparkling Villa can sleep up to six guests – making it a great pick for larger families and groups heading to Canggu! Designed in a minimalist style, this villa is incredibly modern and comes with all the facilities to match. The small pool comes with sun loungers and parasols.

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Best Hotel in Pererenan: The Bali Dream Villa and Resort

Best Hotel in Pererenan

This four-star retreat is tucked away in the forests of Pererenan, giving you a calm location to unwind after a long day of exploring! Whilst most of their rooms are designed for couples, they also offer private villas that are ideal for families. A complimentary breakfast is provided every morning.

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4. Berawa – Where to stay in Canggu for nightlife

Located right next to the Batu Bolong area, Berawa is a great alternative to its neighbor for those that want to enjoy their nightlife on the beach! Whilst most of the traditional nightclubs are on Batu Bolong, Berawa enjoys a great collection of beachside bars and restaurants. These do tend to be more laid back, but also a little bit cheaper.

During the day, Berawa is a major hub for watersports activities close to the town centre. There is a huge recreation centre close to Berawa Beach that also has great activities for those visiting with kids, and the beach itself is often teeming with more advanced surfers looking to catch some waves.

More awesome things to see and do in Berawa

Where to stay in Canggu for nightlife
source: Gekko Gallery (Shutterstock)
  • Berawa Beach has slightly stronger waves than Batu Bolong Beach, making it a great spot to enjoy some surfing away from the amateurs
  • Finn’s Beach Club is a relaxed cafe and bar during the day, and transforms into a major beachside nightlife hub during the evenings
  • For a more typical bar experience, head to KOKO LOKO and sample their tasty range of cocktails
  • Need to beat a hangover? Do it in style at La Cabina where you can enjoy a floating brunch in their on-site pool
  • Finn’s Recreation Club is right next to the Beach Club, and has great activities for families such as a trampoline park and bowling alley

Best Hostel Berawa: Surfers Dorm House

Best Hostel in Berawa

This boutique hostel is the perfect choice for more introverted backpackers that simply want somewhere to relax after a day of exploring! Rooms are peaceful, and there are plenty of quiet spaces throughout. For those that do want to socialize, they also have a communal roof terrace with sea views.

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Best Airbnb in Berawa: Walk to the Beach

Best Airbnb in Berawa

Only a short walk from Berawa Beach, this Airbnb Plus villa is a great pick for staying close to all the action! The retro kitchen is well equipped with modern technology, and the bathroom has a spacious rainfall shower with a hand shower attachment. There is a small garden surrounding the house.

View on Airbnb

Best Hotel in Berawa: The Haven Suites Berawa

Best Hotel in Berawa

If you want a typical hotel experience, the Haven Suites is a great five-star pick right on the coast! Rooms are well equipped with modern equipment and each room comes with either sea or pool views. A large buffet breakfast is included in the rate, and comes with vegetarian and vegan options.

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5. Echo Beach – Coolest place to stay in Canggu

Sandwiched between Batu Bolong and Pererenan, Echo Beach is a neighborhood that has the best of everything Canggu has to offer! With laid-back nightlife, locally owned boutiques and a gorgeous beach with plenty of facilities, it’s a wonder that this area isn’t as well known with tourists as the more central locations.

Coolest Place to Stay in Canggu

Not only does Echo Beach have less tourists cramming the place up, it is also only a short walk from the city centre itself – meaning you can easily visit all the main attractions at your own pace! Echo Beach is also known by locals as the home of the best dining options in the area, so arrive with a big appetite.

More awesome things to see and do in Echo Beach

Coolest Places to Stay in Canggu

  • Echo Beach is the closest neighborhood to the famous Tanah Lot – a coastal temple surrounded by the sea with dramatic architecture
  • The beach itself is the main hub of activity in the area, with plenty of street vendors, surf hire shops and sunbathing spots to enjoy
  • Deus Ex Machina is the only nightlife option in the area – it also has the largest Sunday event in the Canggu area
  • Every weekend there are horse owners along the beach that let you enjoy a short trot along the coastline
  • Echo Beach Club is the main restaurant in the area – the food is very well priced and showcases local ingredients

Best Hostel Echo Beach: Repag Wayan Canggu Hostel

Best Hostel in Echo Beach

Though a fairly basic hostel, Repag Wayan is only a short walk away from the beach and is incredibly well priced – even by Bali standards! Rooms are fully air-conditioned, and both privates and dorms are on offer. Dorm rooms are limited to four people to provide a calmer atmosphere.

View on HostelWorld

Best Hotel in Echo Beach: Sparkling Gem

Best Airbnb in Echo Beach

This villa is owned by a local holiday company, giving you a little bit extra peace of mind that it is well maintained. They also have super host status thanks to excellent reviews and high levels of service! It comes with a private pool, and a daily housekeeping service is included.

View on Booking.com

Best Hotel in Echo Beach: COMO Uma Canggu

Best Hotel in Echo Beach

This lavish five star hotel is located right on the coast and comes with beautiful views of the sea! The large pool is surrounded by a decked area that has a dedicated yoga space. The buffet breakfast comes with vegetarian and gluten-free options – and other dietary requirements can be accommodated upon request.

View on Booking.com

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Canggu

If you want a laid-back destination that is still within easy travelling distance of all the main attractions in Bali, Canggu is an excellent option boasting coastal temples, boutiques, great surfing and a vibrant expat scene!

If we have to pick a best area, we’re going to go with Echo Beach. This neighborhood strikes a perfect balance between peace and quiet and things to do – and for us, this is the main reason to opt to stay in Canggu.

That being said, all of the areas mentioned in this guide have their own charms, and your personal top pick will depend on your needs. We hope we’ve helped you narrow your options down!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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